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Cure Your Pimples, Blackheads, & Whiteheads With Best Acne Treatment in NZ

I have always seen those annoying acne promising “instant acne removal” & “fast invisible blemishes” and so much lies and fake promises.

If you ask any dermatologist, they will tell you acne is never something to be treated instantly.

Actually, this truth that no company dares to declare and always focus on fast and instant words.

Now, at Tarnawatka, we tested over 38 kits that are well-known to get rid of pimples and fight acne. This helped us to find the best treatment that can fight acne’s roots and provide safe results.


How We Chose the Best Acne Treatment

1 - We focused on regimen sets

We found out that it is unlikely that acne cream or serum alone can heal your symptoms. It requires a multidimensional approach.

We talked to board-certified dermatologists nearly all advice to focus on regimen sets. 

Why? Most likely you’ll be dealing with a combination of symptoms and not just one issue.

Acne signs and symptoms vary depending on the severity of your condition & can be a combination of any of the following:

  • Blackheads (open clogged pores),
  • Small red, tender bumps (papules),
  • Large, solid, painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin (nodules),
  • Whiteheads (closed clogged pores),
  • Painful, pus-filled lumps beneath the surface of the skin (cystic lesions),
  • Pimples (pustules), which are papules with pus at their tips.


We narrowed down to one product line with ingredients that work synergistically & provide effective results.


2 - We focused on effective ingredients

If you would gather all the acne treatments (not just in New Zealand) but all over the world. You’ll end up with two main ingredients:

  1. Salicylic Acid which is a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA). 
  2. Benzoyl Peroxide.

Salicylic Acid (BHA)

This is a type of acid that comes from wintergreen leaves, sweet birch bark and willow treat bark.

Most of the reputable Korean skin care brands are using BHA as their core ingredients to clear acne. Korean dermatologists are using it in their clinics (the more concentrated version) for advanced exfoliation as well.

What are the benefits?

  • Bypassing the oil that clogs pores.
  • Dissolves dead skin and sebum which results in acne.
  • Clears up blackheads, whiteheads, and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 
  • Great exfoliator abilities.

Are you fearing it might overly dry your skin? Well, even if you haven’t thought about it, believe it or not it can do that. That’s why the AHA is added to most formulas that has BHA.

The good thing about AHA besides assisting in exfoliation is that it consists of molecules that love water, thus enhances your skin moisture and doesn’t give a change for your skin to become dull nor overly dry.

NOTE: For that reason we even narrowed down to products that contain only both ingredients.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide breaks down in contact with skin leading to oxygen and non-toxic benzoic. These two compounds work on breaking down blackheads and whiteheads & reducing inflammation.

Benzoyl Peroxide can be harsh on sensitive skin type and in short term it helps to cure acne. But in most cases you will not tolerate the side-effects of Benzoyl Peroxide and you are simply putting your skin at risks for more aggressive breakouts later on.

NOTE: For that reason we decided to stay with milder ingredients that can cure your acne and without causing any future breakouts.


3 - We focused on good alcohols

Did you know most acne products on the market use a bad alcohol.

What is bad alcohol? It’s a type of alcohol that destroys your skin barrier. Usually it gives initial feeling that they are working and removes all oil on your face.

What really happens is that once it destroys your skin barrier you are most likely facing enlarged pores, inflamed skin and more breakouts. 

Not to mention, your skin will become in defensive mode and start producing more oil like never before. 

But don’t worry, we made sure that every product we pick contains good alcohol that will not harm the skin barrier or lead to any breakouts. Otherwise known as fatty alcohols and are prefaced by Cetyl, Cetearyl, or Behenyl — these come from oils and actually provide moisture. 

Our advice? Think long-term - you don’t want to merely sizzle out those spots, you want to make sure they’re gone for good!


Recommended Skin Routine To Get Rid Of Acne

Here is a the right routine for acne-prone skin. Let me share with you something that actually works and treat your acne including whiteheads on cheeks and forehead.


I can’t stop loving this bar, I never knew that tea tree was that beneficial on the skin until I started to see the results for myself.

It removes bacteria and soothes inflamed skin or any skin of redness. It contains Argan and olive oil to give you more moisturising properties.

How to use: If you have makeup on, I recommend removing that first with a makeup remover before using this cleanser as it's not really made for makeup.

I recommend foaming up the soap with your hands or the foamer before applying it to your skin, not foaming it up by rubbing it on your face directly as it'll cause wrinkles and unnecessary lines.


This formula is enriched with AHA, BHA, and PHA, which are plant-based acids that gently exfoliate away dead cells, and purge any blackheads or whiteheads.

What I like about it that it’s irritation-free exfoliator. It is suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin and oily skin.

How to use: Using a cotton pad, simply swipe the product across your face and neck.


It is beneficial for soothing the skin as Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Water 10,000 ppm & Centella Asiatica Extract of 14.5% are included and skin turnover with smooth skin texture is possible as AHA, BHA, PHA components which remove the dead cell.

Although it contains oil, it doesn’t make my skin oily or greasy. It hydrates my skin and make it plump. I usually use 4-5 drops for my whole face and neck.

How to use: After lightly shaking the product, apply it following the skin texture using fingertip. After applying the product, cover your face with hand for better absorption.


This 30 Days Miracle cream consists of: Oregano, rosemary, lavender, and thyme, these are considered one of the best herbal hydrators you can find in one place. Not to mention, the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial features.

Most creams give a sticky feeling once applied. That’s not the case here. It delivers a non-greasy & fast absorbing benefit.

How to use: Take a pea-sized amount of the cream and gently spread all over your face.

OPTIONAL: If you are dealing with Acne scars

If you are seriously considering a treatment that will surely get rid of your acne scars, this snail serum is your best shot. I recommend trying Snail Truecica Serum by Some By Mi

Honestly, I never thought that snail mucin has such amazing healing properties. Not only it is super hydrating (and surprisingly non-sticky), but it’s also helps improve acne scars a lot! 


Why we chose Some By Mi Miracle Beauty Box?


Most acne treatments on the market promote so many steps and different kind of products. The whole routine becomes hectic and confusing. 

Actually, once I the things made me consider Some by mi miracle set is the 4-step simplicity. 

High Quality Ingredients

The soap and toner contain fewer ingredients than the serum and cream, and the cream is the only product that contains alcohol. 

All of the products feature the same refreshing tea tree smell. 

The color of the soap comes from chlorophyll and gradually fades upon continuous contact with water. The serum and cream also carry a faint mint green hue.

Mild On The Skin

Starting from the soap cleanser to the toner, both are vital steps to wash your face from dirt and clear your pores. While doing so, you will not deal with any irritation or harsh effect on the skin.

The Toner is water-based and fragrance-free, and uses sodium Laureth Sulfate (as opposed to its harsh cousin sodium Lauryl Sulfate) to eliminate any chance for irritation.

You can get your miracle beauty box here (limited stock)!


Here’s a breakdown of the KEY ingredients in the four products in miracle beauty box: 


Miracle Soap

Miracle Toner

Miracle Serum

Miracle Cream


Apple extract

Citric acid

Citric, glycolic, lactic, malic, pyeuvic and tartaric acids

Citric acid


Hydrolyzed proteins

Salicylic acid

Wintergreen leaf extract


Lactobionic acid

Other exfoliators

Fish mint extract

Papaya extract







Sodium hyaluronate, glycerin; olive, argan and green tea seed oils

Sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, xylitol, allantoin, urea

Olive, camellia, rice bran, green tea seed, rosehip, sweet almond, meadowfoam, grapefruit, orange peel and moringa oils

Sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, ceramide, orange oil


1% tea tree extract; centella, edelweiss, licorice, baobab and willow bark extracts; chlorella and wheatgrass powders

1% tea tree extract; witch hazel, lentil seed, lotus and swiftlet bird nest extracts

1% tea tree extract; 14.51% centella extract; green tea, licorice, chamomile, cranberry and rosemary extracts

1% tea tree extract; 70.78% centella extract; witch hazel, rosemary, lentil seed, thyme and willow bark extracts



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Cover Photo by Min An

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