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Skin Benefits of Tea Tree Extract

Some of the skin care and cosmetics today add Tea Tree extract into their ingredients. Some build the product wholly based on this. We are yet not well aware of this natural material and what it can do to your skin — however, the growing popularity forcing us to know more. 

Tea Tree extract derived from the actual tea tree. Tea tree is antibacterial and prevents the fungus from the formation. It is not only used in skin care, but also in some medicine to heal cough. Moreover, it is also used as hand sanitiser, natural deodorant, anticipating and wound healing. 

Tea Tree Plant

Photo by Henna Caravan

As for the skin, Tea Tree extract also have a range of benefits. This ingredient is used in skin care products mainly targeting acne. This is because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. One of the main reasons for acne formation is the environment we live in. Just imagine the amount of pollution and dirt that gets on your skin during the daytime. If not cleaned properly, those factors can lead to severe acne and skin inflammation. 

Tea Tree is an excellent solution for facial cleaning. Due to its properties, Tea Tree extract remove the bacteria from the skin surface. The study published in the United States in 2007 conducted an experiment where two groups of participants were treated with Tea Tree oil and placebo. The results have shown that participants treated with Tea Tree oil have cleaner skin with fewer irritations and acne. 

If your skin is continually suffering from inflammations and irritations, tea tree can also be a solution. It is a considerable soothing and calming substance for your skin. This feature may also contribute well to your acne treatment plan. 

It is recommended to do not apply Tea Tree oil directly on your skin, but dilute first with other oil (such as olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil). However, it is best to choose skin care products that include Tea Tree oil as an ingredient. In this case, you will be sure that it is safe to use Tea Tree ingredient. 

All skin types can use Tea Tree oil. If you have oily skin, it will help to minimise the oiliness. Korean skincare brand Some By Mi implementing Tea Tree oil into their products very well. Their 30 Days Miracle line (including toner, serum and cream) working great to reduce acne and skin irritations.

Cover photo by Pixabay

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